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Fishing tourism


Is a project that aimes to raise awareness of the fishing world, allowung visitor sto try out, for a day, what it means to be a fisherman.
Special and editing experience, an oppotunity to observe one of the more ancient and noble job in the world.
One chance to exploit a world great place: the waters of eastern Liguria, in particolar Sestri Levante and its surroundingd.

A typical day on the Santa Maria

The appointment is at the pier of Santa Maria, at the port of Sestri Levante, at early dawn, when the sun is still rising. It starts and after a thirty minutes boat ride we reach the place where the nets have been dropped. In the middle of the “sail” will be served a troica ligurian breakfast, coffee, tea, cappuccino, and good white wine.
After the tasty break begins the descent of fishing nets and the return toward coast, to anchor, swim and doing snorkeling in a beautiful cove hidden by rocks.
Meanwhile the fish caught in the morning…and then, satisfied, we sail back to the port.

Services offered
From March to October

Nicola, Tommaso and Marta will offer you a dinner on board the vessel Santa Maria!
Leaving befor sunset, after a short cruise at a time of one of the bays near Sestri Levante, the Bay of Fables, or the bay of Silence, toast is a tasty appetizer.
Having dropped anchor off the engines, and admired the sun setting, we offer with fine wine from Liguria.
The return is expected for midnight.

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